Joystick WOD and CrossFit PulseWatch

Pace and pulse is always an important component in CrossFit. But were are you in pace and pulse? We tend to follow our inner compass, which is a good thing but what if that compass needs fine-tuning? What does it mean to go "all in"? Try a pulse watch. This wod was the first I [...]

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CrossFit Nordic Areobic Test

It's been over a year since I did a proper CrossFit Workout with a few guest appearances here and there. To survive such a drought I did TABATA on my own. Its works really well and took me through 2x OCR's and kept my stamnia up without running, since my calfs can't take too much [...]

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A growling test from Barbara

The challenge is on! I chose Barbara, for no particular reason. It looked challenging yet still within reach. I have pull-ups, push-ups, Sit-ups, Squats and they can be performed anywhere. The amount of work is OK, not overly excessive but then again, within reach. This time around I wanna try out the feel so I [...]

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Winter Kettlebells in Lida

Coming-back-WOD's the Worst! Unfortunately I have plenty of those. But completing them is very rewarding and it has a huge pay-back, which also means sour muscles. Today we completed a team WOD with some skill in Kettlebell Swings. Ice cold negative 4. My buddy was new to kettlebells so we started out with some technique [...]

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