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CrossFit Regionals 2017

Regional Highlights

The regionals is on! There is so much happening and really hard to keep track. There is LIVE coverage of all the events, which is fantastic and we’ve collected the preview-video from each region. They are really well produced with lots of behind the scenes material. Remember to check back since we tend to update as new ones comes out.

Make sure to check out the full LIVE-covarege of your region at: https://games.crossfit.com/videos/regionals/2017

East Regional Highlights

CrossFit Games analysts Tommy Marquez and Pat Sherwood discuss this weekend's Meridian Regional. With Sara Sigmundsdottir out of the picture, many elite women are looking to take her spot. On [...]

2017 West Regional Preview

With their dominant performances last year, Brent Fikowski and Carleen Mathews are looking to extend their reign at the West Regional, but formidable competitors like Samuel Kwant and Emily Abbott [...]

2017 Atlantic Regional Preview

Games analysts Tommy Marquez and Pat Sherwood break down the individual competition for this weekend's Atlantic Regional. The guys discuss the new names who will be trying to get to [...]

2017 California Regional Preview

Update Show host Sean Woodland is joined by Games analysts Tommy Marquez and Pat Sherwood for a look at the notable names and numbers heading into this weekend’s California Regional. [...]

2017 Central Regional Preview

The 2017 Central Regional is shaping up to be a more stacked competition than ever. Games powerhouse Sara Sigmundsdottir joins the region, and after returning to his home state of [...]

2017 East Regional Preview

In this episode of the Update Show, the crew names the athletes to watch heading into the highly competitive East Regional. The East will host both defending champs, Katrin Tanja [...]

Road to the Games-series

While we wait for the CrossFit Regionals to start, CrossFit HQ has put together a series of mini-documentaries about the competing athletes that we’re very likely to see at the games 2017. We’re reposting them here for you guys to watch.

Road to the Games 17.01: Vellner & Fikowski

The fight for the final spot on the men’s podium at the 2016 Reebok CrossFit Games came down to the last event. The crowd had to wait for the dust to settle before it knew which of Canada’s top male athletes—Brent Fikowski or Patrick Vellner—would stand with Mat Fraser and [...]

Road to the Games 17.02: Cookeville Camp

What do you get when you bring the fittest people on the planet together and challenge them with seemingly insurmountable tasks over the course of several days? If it’s not the CrossFit Games, it’s probably Cookeville Camp. In this episode of “Road to the Games,” follow an elite pack of [...]

Road to the Games 17.03: Birds of Prey

This episode of “Road to the Games” offers a look at a day in the life of three of the world’s fittest women: Kari Pearce, Camille Leblanc-Bazinet and Jamie Greene. Pearce was the fittest American at last year’s Games, finishing just two spots off the podium. Leblanc-Bazinet, on the other [...]

CrossFit Regionals Ad 2017

CrossFit OPEN 2017

CrossFit Games 2017 is on! We are really excited about this period. Its a long process but last year there were over 300 000 people participating and most likely more this year. We”ve collected the official standards and summary of the workout and we’ll keep updating as we go into Regionals.

CrossFit Open 2017 – Standards

CrossFit Open 17.1

CrossFit Open 17.2

CrossFit Open 17.3

CrossFit Open 17.4

CrossFit Open 17.5