//Power Snatch and Front Squats

Power Snatch and Front Squats

First day on a new program. I’ve been in a new Box for a few months and its great. Works better with my location and its small. Kind of how everything started, you can’t get in there without getting noticed.

So to make things even easier or in other words more accessible I joint a program that is quite famous. Gorilla Fitness made by¬†Marcus Herou. I heard so much good about this program I just have to try it. Since my work is quite random¬†I’m having a hard time fitting in the classes. Not because I don’t want to but I just does not match.

I signed up and the first wod is done.

—————–Workout of the Day—————–

5 min Row workup

Triplet of Power Snatch

3x 5rep of Front Squats @70%


Result: Well, I did scale a lot since I’m still coming back and this was the first proper CrossFit WOD in a long time. Happy but not happy.

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