//Winter Kettlebells in Lida

Winter Kettlebells in Lida

Coming-back-WOD’s the Worst! Unfortunately I have plenty of those. But completing them is very rewarding and it has a huge pay-back, which also means sour muscles.

Today we completed a team WOD with some skill in Kettlebell Swings. Ice cold negative 4. My buddy was new to kettlebells so we started out with some technique and then progressed into a quick WOD. Lesson learned today is to not sink too far down in the swing to be able to push with your hips ot gain momentum forward. Less taxing on the shoulders and a better workout for the core.

————-Workout of the Day————-

2x 100m Sprint uphill

3x 20 Heavy KB Swings

them in teams of 2:

150 Airsquats while the other hold.

every 3 min run 200m uphill

Result: 7min workout.

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