The challenge is on! I chose Barbara, for no particular reason. It looked challenging yet still within reach. I have pull-ups, push-ups, Sit-ups, Squats and they can be performed anywhere. The amount of work is OK, not overly excessive but then again, within reach.

This time around I wanna try out the feel so I scaled the amount in half, it turned out to be good. My goal is to finish what I start so its important to be wise about the scale and amount of work. I finished it but it was not easy. Turns out the pauses of 3min is not really helpful. First one is long, second one you realise that you get quickly up on 90% max puls again and the last one is very short. This is just the adventure I was looking for when I took on the challenge. Now, I will try again and again till I have a full Barbara in my pocket. Goal is to do one within a month.

———————–Workout of the Day—————–

Scaled “Barbara”

5 laps with 3 min rest in-between:

5 Pullups

10 Pushups

20 Situps

25 Airsquats

Result: It hits you hard and the situps is not that difficult but they take time and after a few you just get sick of them.