The walk towards the Hero WOD Barbara continues. Last attempt I scaled the amount and did the workout with 3min rest between the sets. This time around I made it an EMOM, just to practice on the movements and build strength in the different exercises. It is really obvious that my weakness is PullUps and PushUps due to that I weigh  205lb which is equivalent to a heavy weight boxer. But I noticed that if I loose 10lb, body weight movements become much easier so my goal is to loose weight.

The good thing about Barbara is that all you need is a pull-up bar, the rest is on the ground but you do need a strategy. By making it a EMOM it gets way more intense and the full one might be a bit mentally easier then the EMOM, at least thats my plan. I did the same amount of work since I’m still coming back and it will hurt. Just to keep the spirit up, I’m taking it a bit easy.

———————Workout of the Day——————

Scaled 20min EMOM Barbara

10 pullups

10 pushups

20 situps

25 airsquats

Result: Next time I double the amount of work but it did take some time for the pulse to come down. Great workout!