A No Rep is when in a competition, your repetition (rep) is not up to the standards. It can be the chin being above the bar, knees not being below parallell or hips not fully extended. A No Rep is a dreaded expression in competition because it means you have to do the rep again and keep going.

CrossFit NoRep is a blog that collects WODs, challenges, Result, Reviews, Gear, Data and anything that is related to CrossFit. We exist for the ones that is not pro but enthusiastic about CrossFit and serious about your workout.



The purpose behind the blog is to collect, save and spread all things related to CrossFit for other to enjoy. We are a free forum for anyone to blog or post and be independent from any brand or gym. The only ones that is mentioned here is because we like it and want to recommend. This forum is built on honesty.


“A NoRep is still a Rep but it doesn’t count”┬áSince you fundamentally work out for your own health, our philosophy is that the heart doesn’t know if your chin is over the bar, the lunges does not care if your hips are fully extended and your fat does not stop to burn only because you use a rubber band. We train and work out to become better, fitter, stronger and healthier, we want to┬ámeasure our progress with previous results and not with the size of your waist. But even though we train for our own sake, we do value good practice and have a zero-tolerence to cheating. We believe in honesty and you only cheat your self.

//CrossFit NoRep