We’re not pros, but we love what we do

We believe that the most important rep you ever do, is also the one that you DO. We’re not competing against anyone apart from ourselves but its fun to share. Every time we go into the box we accomplish something, even if its just one more rep then last time. There is so much knowledge in a great box and it makes you wanna share. The idea with this blog is to show that even though you didn’t made a perfect rep or RX’d the WOD you still did reps that matters to you and what can you do to improve till next time? I will share what I learn but I’m not a pro.

20September 2018

Joystick WOD and CrossFit PulseWatch

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Pace and pulse is always an important component in CrossFit. But were are you in pace and pulse? We tend to follow our inner compass, which is a good thing but what if that compass [...]

6September 2018

CrossFit Nordic Areobic Test

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It's been over a year since I did a proper CrossFit Workout with a few guest appearances here and there. To survive such a drought I did TABATA on my own. Its works really well [...]

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