Jon Olsson lifts, do you even lift?

Its fantastic to see how CrossFit is spreading. When watching the announcement of 17.3, which was an honouring to the local firemen and first responders in US, they said that CrossFit is a part of their daily work and how will be the quickest into a burning building, the one with CrossFit training or [...]

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Fittest on Earth – 2015 Documentary on Netflix

2014 CrossFit Games was broadcasted over ESPN and 2015 had some fantastic coverage. The reason was that there is a documentary getting made. Over the last year I've seen glimpse of great footage, not even close to be made for television, high-end photography so the suspicion has been there that there is a documentary [...]

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Wyclef Jean Lifts, do you even lift?

Celebrities has done high intensity training for a long time. Getting into shape for a character, the oscars or just keeping up with the younger crowd at the concerts. Now there is a video from Wyclef Jean and his coach Jennifer Hunter-Marshall. I guess its a pretty good cool-down tune post-Fran or Cindy. [...]

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