Weighted Vest Special

Many times we do weighted versions of pull-ups, bar muscle ups or ring-dips. What if you had a vest that kept the weight in place and still gave you mobility to do your work? What would happen if you reached a certain point when you can do 200 push-ups? Well, that's when you bring [...]

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HighBar BackSquat on Coaches Eye

1 RM in HighBar BackSquat really takes some preparations. To first work up, find the depth in the squat and then focus on the breathing and explosiveness. Tips is; If you don't have the technique in a perfect 1 RM HBBS, break 'em up and make them to your ability. If you know you need [...]

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CrossFit Speedrope for Double Unders

Nordic Showdown is a great event with great sponsors and vendors. One of the vendors that I met was Burpee Shop who sells clothing and equipment. Since I've been struggling with double unders for some time now and I want to make the consequent and not an obstacle, I figured I needed a rope to practice on [...]

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GASP Wrist Wraps

To lift heavy you need to know were your weakest link is. When muscles builds the joints can take a punch. I'm a photographer and if I hurt my wrists, its game-over for me. I need to be able to work with my hands and I think it goes for people sitting infront of the [...]

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CrossFit 101

Coach tape! Use the tape before its too late. It will help you sticking to your program. So, what can you do to prevent rips in your hands? First of all you need to tape them. There is several ways to to it but I came across the most time consuming way of doing it but in the [...]

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