I’ve seen many videos of people building their own backyard gym for Street Workout like Barztarzz. CrossFit is known for not utilising that much equipment and anyone can do it. So I’ve started to collect what I need in my yard to make it a gym. First up, I scalvage the place for anything that is useful. A barbell from my youth and biceps curls, a basketball to cut up for a WallBall and a chair for support doing pistols. What I quickly realise you need is a Pull-Up Bar. Its utilised in so many ways and the center of activity. How do I build one? Ask YouTube!

One good tutorial I found was this one(OBS; this is to get some ideas):

For me, I found out to cut the top of the pole, drill a hole and screw it to the top of the pole. But then I extended the project to a build that looks like this:

The basic idea is to make a hole 70cm(23 inch) deep, nail the pole to a cement block for wood-poles, put it into the hole and fill up with cement. The hardest part is to keep the poles levels and aligned so use your leveller a lot. The advantage to put the bar on-top of the pole is that you can adjust it if it’s not 100% straight. Then you drill your holes in the bar and attach it to the poles. Now you need to paint them. Undercoating is a must and will prevent the bar from rust. The choice of paint I went for was Hammer Paint. You find that on post-boxes and other metal outdoor things. The first one I tried was really think and took a long time to try, then it pealed off during pull-ups so I tried one that is faster to dry and thinner to apply. Works much better.

I will post more pictures once its done and painted.