It’s been over a year since I did a proper CrossFit Workout with a few guest appearances here and there. To survive such a drought I did TABATA on my own. Its works really well and took me through 2x OCR’s and kept my stamnia up without running, since my calfs can’t take too much of running(and not my patience either).

It just happen to be test-weeks at CrossFit Nordic just when I return to the circus. To kick thing up easy, I jumped on the Aerobic Test. 3 X 12 min blocks with built-in rest before restarts. It was recommended not to go all in at the first block since that was Row but still go for PR if possible. I could probably do better in that block. Second block was defiantly the hardest. Didn’t finish so no score. The last block was more of active rest and did pretty well on that one.

I’m back and feel better then ever!

Video above is some good words from Chris Hinshaw, CrossFit Coach in Aerobic Capacity.

————————————TODAYS WOD————————————

Nordic Aerobic Multi-Test:
3 X 12 min blocks with built-in rest before restarts.
You can start on either A, B or C, but try to retest in same order.

A. Starting 00:00 –
For time, 2000m Row.
___Score is time in minutes and seconds

B. Starting 12:00 – During 9 min
5 Rounds of:
5 Target Burpees (10cm over full reach)
5/5 Goblet Reverse Lunges from block (10cm, 24/16kg)
10 Russian Kettlebell Swings (24/16kg)
Remaining time: Target Burpees (10cm over full reach)
___Score is number of target burpees

C. Starting 24:00 – During 9 min:
6 Rounds of
12 Weight plate Hip to Overhead (20/15kg – Eleiko training discs. Not bumpers)
6 Over + under hurdle (ca. 65cm)
Remaining time: Shuttle runs (30m)
___Score is number of shuttle runs (every 30m stretch is 1 point/rep)