Nordic Showdown is a great event with great sponsors and vendors. One of the vendors that I met was Burpee Shop who sells clothing and equipment. Since I’ve been struggling with double unders for some time now and I want to make the consequent and not an obstacle, I figured I needed a rope to practice on and learn how to handle. They have two world premiere in the line of ropes. Burpee Speed Extreme XL and Epic. Extreme are made out of aluminum in beautiful green and connect the rope to the handle with a very smooth ball-bearings and judging at the stand, there is almost no slack at all in the connection. With cheaper solutions in plastic tend to stick but this is smooth. The other rope called Epic is the same solution but is more constructed like a barbell. They are a bit heavy but it helps you to feel were you are in the jump and I figure control is better.

I choose the Extreme XL since I usually hold in the outer parts of the handle. I tried it for a few minutes and its smoooth. Its very light weight so it saves your arms for the other parts of the WOD and I can’t wait to work out properly with them.

Now storage is a question since the old, cheaper version that I have tangles like crazy. I stored them hanging straight but they still tangle. With the purchase of extreme rope you will get a bag. Fold it into the bag and it will unfold without tangle. Its true, it just falls out of the bag.

Bonus: Order online and they put a sticker on with your name! Free of charge.

Thumbs up! I can recommend this rope anytime of the day. Are you a bit more rough, then go for the Epic.

The video below is not the right rope but it shows you how to find the correct length.