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CrossFit – Film

We all love great movies and in the crossfit community there is a lot. We gather anything that is usefull or just plain fun for you guys to have a look at. Remember that we´re not colored by any brand or box so if you find a video clip here, its only because we like it.

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Jon Olsson lifts, do you even lift?

Its fantastic to see how CrossFit is spreading. When watching the announcement of 17.3, which was an honouring to the local firemen and first responders in US, they said that CrossFit is a part [...]

Pistol Practice

Sometimes we have to face our fears, so why not start with a video? This is a great way to scale and progress in a pistol.

Wyclef Jean Lifts, do you even lift?

Celebrities has done high intensity training for a long time. Getting into shape for a character, the oscars or just keeping up with the younger crowd at the concerts. Now there is a video [...]