To lift heavy you need to know were your weakest link is. When muscles builds the joints can take a punch. I’m a photographer and if I hurt my wrists, its game-over for me. I need to be able to work with my hands and I think it goes for people sitting infront of the computer too. The solution is Wrist Wrap. Before I got real wrist wraps I simply taped my wrists and it was a massive improvement while doing Front Squats and Snatch. The reason is not the lift in its self but coming down from the rack position, my wrist tend to over extend and the tape took most of the punishment from that.

The one I got is GASP Hard Core Wrist Wrap, the yellow is more general and the green is for +100kg. I would suggest to go for the green since more support is better then less which can result in injury. They won’t limit your range of motion.

Just remember to start lined up with the wrist and then move further up closer to your thumb. So when you bend your hand backwards, it won’t hit or go past full extension.

Happy Cleaning!