1 RM in HighBar BackSquat really takes some preparations. To first work up, find the depth in the squat and then focus on the breathing and explosiveness. Tips is; If you don’t have the technique in a perfect 1 RM HBBS, break ’em up and make them to your ability. If you know you need to work on the strength, do them 21X0 for a slow descend.

The video above is done is a fantastic tool. Coaches eye is a tool for your Iphone to review your work and for your coach to help you. Once you have recorded your performance, you can watch in slowmotion and draw on the video. Really handy to see if that back is straight or hips are aligned. Huge recommendation.

*********************TODAYS WORKOUT********************

A. Within 20 min, establish 1Rm High Bar Backsquat

B. For time: 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 reps of; Wallballs, Toes to bar, finish with a nice hill run 200m up, 200 m down

Result: 100kg(No RM but good technique) 14:20