Pace and pulse is always an important component in CrossFit. But were are you in pace and pulse? We tend to follow our inner compass, which is a good thing but what if that compass needs fine-tuning? What does it mean to go “all in”? Try a pulse watch. This wod was the first I did with a watch and the results was very interesting. Since todays wod was 8x 3min AMRAP it was perfect for a test run.I have the Polar M430 semi-pro runner watch that doubles up with a GPS, PulseWatch and Timer. It works great as a every-day watch but its not discreet and it will stick out at the office.

Now a very interesting element in the AMRAP was “Standing Joystick rotations with barbell”.¬†Look at the technique she’s using, to switch grip at the top position. Took me some time to figure that one out. Lots of fun and is more demanding then what it looks. Try it!

—————————–TODAYS WOD—————————–

A. 8 X 3 min on. 1 min off.
85% overall effort

A1. Amrap 3 min
12 Toes to bar
12 Target burpees

A2. Amrap 3 min
10 Russian Leg lifts + 10s pause halfway on last rep
12/11 cal Row (with straps, damp <4)

A3. Amrap 3 min
10/10 Standing “Joystick” rotations with barbell
10/9 cal Assault bike

A4. Amrap 3 min
12 “Pant pullers” / L-sit push backs
4 Shuttle runs (30m)

Result: 149 bpm
Average heart rate
Max 179 | Min 88