Hate it, fear it, love it, Master it. The double under is a topic of skill, not heavy or exhausting. The DU can be more of a “active rest” than a physical challenge. But if you do not master is, it will quickly become the “active pest” filled with frustration. There is many tricks on how to make them efficient but if you cannot do a singel one, where do you start?

My revelation was during a skills-session in DU and Numi Snaer Katrinarson gave the tip of aiming for a tripple under!? So I did, and there was my first double under. I think my problem was the lack of explosion in the jump, in combination with the speed of hand movement. Anyway, the trick to aim for three to get two really helped.

The biggest trick I found is also “The Penguin”. Below is a step-by-step progression to get closer to a DU but also a video instruction in what the Penguin is.

1. PowerJump

First, work on the jump empty-handed. That may seem too basic for you, but without learning to go higher and, crucially, stronger, you won’t be able to spin the rope on each bound consistently. With your hands down by your sides, “pogo” by bouncing up and down with straight legs. Keep your head up and your core tight.

2. Singel Under

Next, grab your rope and practise single-unders – regular skipping – to perfect your spinning technique. Your aim is to rotate only at your wrists, so keep your chest and head up and your elbows close to your body. Your bounces should be small, with your feet pressed together. Try to beat your rep count each time.

3. Big Singel Under

Get ready for something a little trickier. Put the first two moves together by combining power jumps with one pass of the rope and good spinning form. Resist the urge to go faster. The rope speed will feel too slow, but the longer you have, the easier it will be to hit your first double turn when the time comes. Perform 10-15 reps. Stop and repeat.

4. The Penguin

Finally, accustom yourself to the rhythm and sound of the double-under. Drop the rope and pogo up and down, as with the power jumps, but this time with your hands out to the side. At the top of each jump, tap your hands twice to make a “slap-slap” noise. You should look – and feel – like a penguin. Trust us, this is a crucial part of your march to progress.

5. Tie ’em All

With all the requisite skills in place, now you need to tie them together. Practise as a worm-up before your WOD, it will also give you an idea of how many you can tie togehter. You can consider yourself a Master when you can do 50 rep everytime or finish a “Flight Simulator”. Check out: Molly Metz World Record in FS


Preformed at: CrossFit Söderort

16min EMOM

4 PowerClean 50kg

4 Rope acsend

4/4 Dumbell Snatch 22kg

4/4 Dumbell Walking Lounges  22kg

3min AMRAP

6cal AirBike

6 Ring Row