My biggest challenge going into CrossFit was and is mobility. Ass-to-the-grass, Deep squat and all the rest of it is almost impossible from too much running and way too much not running. I almost suspect that running will decrease my mobility and make things worse. I also learnt that the best way is to learn how to Clean, Snatch and deadlift without Olympic lifting shoes since mobility can be learnt. After 2-3 years of struggling I think its time to give it a go.

I have not tested all the shoes out there and definatly tested them in a WOD or made it a bit scientific. I read a lot about them and below you find links to the tests and reviews that I found usefull and most truthful.

First thing I will recommend is to find someone that have the shoes you’re after and ask them what their take is on them. You find that people at the gym likes to share opinions and help rather then ignore or look down at you. Its not Gold’s Gym its CrossFit dammit!

So at my gym I found out that the most popular shoe is the white Adidas Power Perfect II. Since the sides are made of leather, it works great if you have wide feet, like me, but the bottom is really hard and you will get the support you need to set a PR. When I tried it at the shop, I found it was soft, nice but clumpsy. The sole is a bit thicker at the toes so it feels like a ordinary shoe. You really feel the heel-raise since its 20mm and really supportive. Great shoe.

Next really popular shoe you find on the net and the pro athletes is the Reebok Oly Lifter +(This is a review of the Previous model). I acctually tested them first in the shop and they was an instand match! I liked them. The heel is 19mm and it feels. Then I got them to test at a WOD, I tried my shoesize that fitted very well, but in the WOD I could feel my foot move around and the support gave in. If you want an over-all shoe with a raised heel, this is good. If you want a mid-range lifter shoe, this is not good. I returned them the day after.

The last shoe that I actually testes is the Adidas Adipower Weightlifting Shoe. I tryed it the same size as the Reebok and my feet hurt like crazy. They were snugg but it hurt after 30min of standing. So I changes size and they were much better. Snugg like crazy and the foot won’t move. Squats at home was great but the foot start to hurt again. I was not sure if this was the one. After consultant with one of the coaches I figured I should do a WOD. I realized that I now can do a sitting squat without huntching or fall backwards. Brilliant but my foot starts to ache. We started doing PowerCleans and the ache slowly disappears. Going into a complex of PowerClean, Thrusters and Front Squat the ache was gone! Finally! Doing boxjumps was not an issue and I really found my shoe. By the end of the WOD, which was a crazy one, I really came into the shoe and the hurt was gone.

The roumer has it, and I’ve seen at the gym, lifter shoes with the CF74 branding. Which means that there is a new CF74 Oly Shoe coming. Since the gym is sponsered by Reebok, the coaches gets them in advance. So keep an eye out for them, they should be great but in my point and view I got the AdiPower and after the first WOD, I’m sold.


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