Back in the forest. Its a fantastic feeling to get up early in the morning and seize the day and work hard. Especially in the nature. The schedule today consists lots pf pulls and some pulls. They all have one thing in common, hollow. The most fundament position in gymnastics and you can find it useful anywhere. In a kettle bell swing(one week ago), in a powersnatch(last monday) or in most of the pulls and pushed in gymnastics. A strong core is everything.

Thats also a reason to start a gymnastic wod with a BearCrawl. It will activate your shoulder, wrists and furthermore get your blood pumping.

To be able to do 70 pushups, usually I last about 40, we scaled them by putting a rubber band just above your elbows. So when you sink down in the bottom of the pushup it will push you up. Like someone holds you and push. I found an image to illustrate but I think my solution actually is easier.

———————-TODAYS WOD———————-

Gymnastic workup

7x 3rep Pullup

7 rounds of:

5 Ring Row

10 Pushups

10 Situps

10 Airsquats


Result: Did pretty OK.