Mental toughness is a new work but probably something we all know. If we do something that suck the reward is a great feeling. If we sep doing things that suck every day, all of a sudden we have raised our own bar and it does not suck anymore. Then we need to find a new thing that suck and keep going. Thats how we grow.

At the moment, just getting out in the trail and run suck for me but the reward is great so I quite enjoy the suckiness. I found a train just around the corner that I wanna try out and it has a few bars for pull-ups and dips which makes the training more interesting. Friday night, cold and rain, talk about suck. I did two laps but funny enough I ran faster the other lap around. Maybe I just wanna go home or learnt the trail.

——————-Todays Workout——————-

Pull-ups n Dips


3,7 Km run

5×3 Pull-ups n Dips

3,7 Km run

Result: 1. 19:42 – 2. 19:35