Its time to up-the-game. We should be closer. Since this is more a comeback  goal, I might rush it a bit. I know that improvements take time and rest is needed but my goal is to complete Helen RX and survive. Not to set new records, just to have something to work towards.

So as a strength workup I started to work on my Bar Muscle-Ups. I came across a very inspiring article the other day. Basically it explained that if you’re a baseball player, you wanna use a heavier bat to worm up with and get into the rhythm. Once you have the swing and change to a lighter bat, you will use the force as if it was heavy and you will hit harder. Same thing with pull-ups. Add weight at workup and the workout will be easier to break records. Since I don’t have a Bar Muscle-Up this is a perfect way to get a high swing and only try will reach new heights.

To walk a little bit closer I increased the reps, but not too much and finished off with a run.

—Todays Workout—

Bar Muscle Up tryouts

Then 3 laps of:
10 Pullups
10 Ring Dips
15 Kettlebell Swings 16kg
Buy-out: 1km Run

Result: Worked really great and the buy-out was added mid-workout since I felt I had more in me. I used a purple band to scale the pull-ups but it might be a bit easy. Next time is going to be RX pull-ups.